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Caballo Mine

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    Citations, Orders, and Safeguards
    Citations, Orders, and Safeguards
    Please Note: Caballo Coal Company has been the current operator since 5/19/1998

    Year 103(k) 104(a) Proposed
    Penalties ($)
    Current Penalties ($) Amount Paid
    To Date ($)
    1995 0 7 350.00 350.00 350.00
    1996 0 5 250.00 250.00 250.00
    1997 0 5 4,200.00 2,600.00 2,600.00
    1998 0 2 100.00 100.00 100.00
    1999 0 1 55.00 55.00 55.00
    2000 0 0 0.00 0.00 0.00
    2001 0 6 612.00 612.00 612.00
    2002 0 5 275.00 275.00 275.00
    2003 0 1 60.00 60.00 60.00
    2004 0 10 851.00 851.00 851.00
    2005 0 1 60.00 60.00 60.00
    2006 0 4 584.00 584.00 584.00
    2007 0 15 2,809.00 2,809.00 2,809.00
    2008 0 23 5,368.00 5,368.00 4,734.00
    2009 0 22 3,707.00 3,707.00 3,707.00
    2010 1 9 3,239.00 3,239.00 1,133.00
    Note: Vacated Citations are not included in any reports on the DRS.

    Injuries, Hours Worked, and Production Totals
    Injuries, Hours Worked, and Production Totals
    Please Note: Caballo Coal Company has been the current operator since 5/19/1998

    Year Fatal Operator
    NFDL Operator
    Fatal Contractor
    NFDL Contractor
    Operator Hours
    Operator Fatal
    Incidence Rate**
    Operator NFDL
    Incidence Rate**
    Mine Type
    National Fatal
    Incidence Rate**
    Mine Type
    National NFDL
    Incidence Rate**
    1995 0 1 0 2 458,185 18,357,087 0.00 0.44 0.0232 2.71
    1996 0 0 0 3 466,537 22,003,064 0.00 0.00 0.0082 2.33
    1997 0 3 0 2 459,925 19,946,861 0.00 1.30 0.0111 2.37
    1998 0 3 0 1 570,694 25,984,949 0.00 1.05 0.0057 2.25
    1999 0 3 0 3 584,517 24,297,754 0.00 1.03 0.0309 2.07
    2000 0 5 0 3 544,080 25,595,660 0.00 1.84 0.0233 2.24
    2001 0 1 0 2 562,134 27,095,831 0.00 0.36 0.0090 2.13
    2002 0 5 0 3 608,490 25,967,932 0.00 1.64 0.0180 2.29
    2003 0 5 0 3 487,567 22,743,284 0.00 2.05 0.0290 1.94
    2004 0 3 0 3 526,918 26,480,950 0.00 1.14 0.0121 1.76
    2005 0 2 0 1 577,056 30,532,313 0.00 0.69 0.0028 1.49
    2006 0 2 0 2 728,137 32,775,697 0.00 0.55 0.0189 1.35
    2007 0 7 0 3 860,608 31,172,396 0.00 1.63 0.0194 1.38
    2008 0 0 0 4 927,190 31,205,381 0.00 0.00 0.0102 1.25
    2009 0 2 0 1 841,950 23,252,475 0.00 0.48 0.0107 1.23
    2010 0 2 0 0 198,967 5,930,614 - - - -
    *   Hours worked and accidents & injuries now include office hours or accidents (subunit 99).
    ** Current rates are based on data available as of 2009 Quarter 4. For a further explanation, please see this.
  • MSHA Data

  • 2009 Sales to Power Plants

    NameControllerOperatorLocationTons Purchased
    Pleasant PrairieWisconsin Energy CorpWe EnergiesKenosha County, WI3175023
    W A ParishNRG EnergyNRG EnergyFort Bend County, TX2550511
    GRDAGrand River Dam AuthorityGrand River Dam AuthorityMayes County, OK2305862
    La CygneGreat Plains Energy IncKansas City Power Light CoLinn County, KS1931383
    LouisaMidAmerican Energy Holdings CoMidAmerican Energy CoLouisa County, IA1576486
    MontroseGreat Plains Energy IncKansas City Power Light CoHenry County, MO1428574
    HolcombSunflower Electric Power CorpSunflower Electric Power CorpFinney County, KS1340621
    IatanGreat Plains Energy IncKansas City Power Light CoPlatte County, MO1179521
    R S NelsonEntergy CorpEntergy Gulf States IncCalcasieu County, LA1025573
    Big StoneOtter Tail CorpOtter Tail Power CoGrant County, SD959249
    Archer Daniels Midland Cedar RapidsArcher Daniels Midland CoArcher Daniels Midland CoLinn County, IA779579
    HawthornGreat Plains Energy IncKansas City Power Light CoJackson County, MO715211
    White BluffEntergy CorpEntergy Arkansas IncJefferson County, AR473339
    Nebraska CityOmaha Public Power DistrictOmaha Public Power DistrictOtoe County, NE351801
    LabadieAmeren CorpAmerenUEFranklin County, MO333483
    MeramecAmeren CorpAmerenUESt Louis County, MO267504
    Council BluffsMidAmerican Energy Holdings CoMidAmerican Energy CoPottawattamie County, IA230318
    Joppa SteamElectric Energy IncElectric Energy IncMassac County, IL206260
    Archer Daniels Midland DecaturArcher Daniels Midland CoArcher Daniels Midland CoMacon County, IL179079
    ColumbiaAlliant Energy CorpWisconsin Power Light CoColumbia County, WI143567
    Rush IslandAmeren CorpAmerenUEJefferson County, MO125187
    George Neal NorthMidAmerican Energy Holdings CoMidAmerican Energy CoWoodbury County, IA108705
    LimestoneNRG EnergyNRG EnergyLimestone County, TX99964
    RodemacherCleco CorpCleco Power LLCRapides County, LA72725
    PulliamIntegrys Energy Group IncWisconsin Public Service CorpBrown County, WI66806
    IndependenceEntergy CorpEntergy Arkansas IncIndependence County, AR65262
    George Neal SouthMidAmerican Energy Holdings CoMidAmerican Energy CoWoodbury County, IA62060
    EdgewaterAlliant Energy CorpWisconsin Power Light CoSheboygan County, WI30261
    SheldonNebraska Public Power DistrictNebraska Public Power DistrictLancaster County, NE29447
    Clay BoswellALLETE IncMinnesota Power IncItasca County, MN27948
    OttumwaAlliant Energy CorpInterstate Power and Light CoWapello County, IA15172
  • Production
  • Wyoming coal mines cut production, jobs due to weak demand

    May 2, 2012

    Three coal mining companies in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin are cutting back operations due to a decline in coal demand from a warm winter and utilities moving away from coal to cheap natural gas. Peabody Energy Corp., which operates the North Antelope Rochelle, Caballo and Rawhide mines in the Powder River Basin, reduced its contact labor and temporary workers last week, totaling less than 2 percent of its Powder River Basin workforce. According to reports referring to federal employment data, cuts are estimated to be around 40 workers.

    Cloud Peak Energy, the operator of the Cordero, Antelope and Decker mines in the Powder River Basin, stated they are closely managing overtime and reducing use of contractors while trying to avoid buying new equipment. St. Louis-based Arch Coal announced Tuesday it would further curtail production for the year by idling three draglines by the middle of the year. It’s not yet clear how the decrease in production cut will affect jobs, said Kim Link, spokeswoman for Arch Coal.

    Read article at http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming-coal-mines-cut-production-jobs-due-to-weak-demand/article_fa73046f-6b0c-5f60-8ebb-9e0ce00b0141.html

    Alpha Natural Resources’ wins Wyo coal tract bid

    August 18, 2011

    In an unusual case of a Powder River Basin Coal Lease Auction having more than one bidder, Alpha Natural Resources outbid Peabody Energy by about 12% to win the new Caballo West coal tract expanding Alpha’s adjacent Belle Ayr Mine. Caballo West has an estimated 130M tons of mineable coal, Alpha’s winning $143M bid comes out to be about $1.10/ton of mineable coal, a new record for a coal lease in the Powder River Basin. Additionally Alpha will pay $3/acre annual rent on the property as well as an additional 12.5% of the value of coal produced. With the new lease, Alpha has expanded their total reserves in the PRB by about 20%.

    Since the Caballo West tract was just west of Peabody’s Caballo mine, their hope had been to add additional reserves, especially in light of their new contract to supply Ameren with 91 million tons of PRB coal. The contract was a new record contract for Peabody. However, while it is uncommon to have more than one bidder on a coal lease auction, last month Peabody won a different bidding contest from Alpha on another coal lease property in the gap between Caballo and Belle Ayr.

    Read articles at http://www.wyomingbusinessreport.com/article.asp?id=59281, http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming/article_0750ee4a-8aab-56a2-9063-00bd0e978cf2.html and http://www.gillettenewsrecord.com/stories/Peabody-outbids-Alpha-Caballo-gets-access-to-221M-tons-of-coal-over-Belle-Ayr,59791

    BLM to offer four Powder River Basin coal leases

    March 22, 2011

    US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Wyoming governor Matt Mead jointly announced the decision to open for leasing two large tracts in the Powder River Basin, releasing 758 million tons of coal for leasing in the next few months. The lease, bonus bigs and royalty payments should generated between $13.4 to $21.3 billion dollars, of which Wyoming would get almost half. Each of the four were “leases by application” where an existing mining company requests that land adjacent to their mine be opened up for lease. In such cases, there is usually only a single bidder, although the US Bureau of Land Management can reject the bid as insufficient.

    The four announced leases are:

    • May 11, West Antelope II North, 2,838 acres/350M tons of mineable coal, filed by Antelope Coal LLC, adjacent to the Antelope Mine.
    • June 15– West Antelope II South, 1,909 acres/56M tons of mineable coal, filed by Antelope Coal LLC, adjacent to the Antelope Mine.
    • July 13 – Belle Ayr North, 1,671 acres/222M tons of mineable coal, filed by Alpha Coal West.
    • August 17 – Caballo West, 1,024 acres/130M tons of mineable coal, filed by Caballo Coal Company. The Caballo West and Belle Ayr tracts touch each other and fill in the gap between the Belle Ayr Mine and the Caballo Mine.

    Read articles at http://thewyonews.net/2011/03/22/blm-to-offer-four-powder-river-basin-coal-leases/ and http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704461304576216981490066162.html or press release at http://www.doi.gov/news/pressreleases/Salazar-Announces-Coal-Lease-Sales-in-Wyoming.cfm

    Peabody planning Asian coal shipments through Washington

    March 2, 2011

    Peabody Energy Company has signed a Asian coal-export deal with Carrix, the largest US container terminal operator, to ship up to 24M tons of coal annually through a new container terminal planned 20 miles south of the Canadian border. The move matches export the agreement between Arch Coal and Millennium Bulk Terminals to export through a proposed terminal in Longview, WA and expands a previous agreement for Peabody to export its coal through British Columbia .

    Both Peabody/Carrix and the earlier Arch/Longview agreements represent a significant expansion of coal export. Previous export routes either went through British Columbia, which has limited export capacity, or the Gulf of Mexico, which is a much longer route to the expanding Asian markets.

    Read article at http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/article_45e1b38e-44ef-5cf9-bea9-2f05b3c1fe04.html

    Colorado PUC adopts plan to switch Denver-area power plants to natural gas

    December 10, 2010

    The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has adopted a $1.4B plan to discontinue all coal-fired generation from the Denver area by closing four coal-fired plants, converting one to natural gas and building a new natural gas-fired power plant. As a result of the closures and conversions, the nitrous oxide (a key component in smog) during electrical generation will drop by 86% and consumer rates are projected to rise by a total of 2.4% over the next 10 years.

    The Colorado Mining Association and Peabody Energy have opposed the move and are exploring other legal options to oppose the plan. Stuart Sanderson, president of the CMA, said “this thing is far from over.”

    Read article at http://www.denverpost.com/search/ci_16822421

    A new coal market?

    December 8, 2010

    An Australian company is proposing to build two plants to dry Powder River Basin coal raise its BTU content. PRB coal is 30% water by mass, and by removing that water the coal becomes more economical to ship oversees and to replace higher quality bituminous coal from Appalachia. While there have been a number of companies who have failed at this in the past, White Energy’s technology for producing coal briquettes is considered tested and proven, enough so that the current plans are to build commercial scale plants instead of test facilities.

    White Energy proposes a plant at Buckskin and another at Caballo, both opening in 2013 with an initial annual production of 1 million tons each (though expandable to 8 and 20 million tons per year respectively). The company expects to receive about $2 per BTU more than the untreated coal.

    Read article at http://www.gillettenewsrecord.com/articles/2010/12/08/news/today/news02.txt

    Powder River Basin coal tracts cleared to move forward as planned

    Oct 28, 2010

    A judge for the Interior Board of Land Appeals has refused to delay the sale of a pair of Belle Ayr North coal tracts in the Powder River Basin. Wild Earth Guardians, Defenders of Wildlife and the Sierra Club had tried to block the sale by claiming that the Bureau of Land Management had violated the Clean Air Act and other environmental laws when it didn’t consider the effects that burning the coal would have on greenhouse gases and climate change.

    In lifting the stay, Administrative Judge Bruce Harris for the IBLA stated that Wild Earth Guardians had failed to demonstrate a likelihood of immediate and irreparable harm, and that the effects of burning the coal was not something that should be considered in a mining application, because burning was too far removed from the mining process.

    Read more at http://www.platts.com/RSSFeedDetailedNews/RSSFeed/Coal/6555234

    Peabody sends PRB coal to Europe, eyes new W Coast port

    October 19, 2010

    Peabody reports that it has begun exporting coal mined in the Powder River Basin to countries in Europe, Chile and Asia. It expects demand growth in Asia to be extremely high, pushing up the price for coal worldwide, and is seriously considering opening a new west-coast port specifically to export PRB coal to Asia.

    Read more at http://www.miningweekly.com/article/peabody-sends-prb-coal-to-europe-eyes-new-w-coast-port-2010-10-19

    BLM plans PRB coal sales in face of environmental opposition

    Washington (Platts)–5Aug2010/515 pm EDT/2115 GMT
    The US Bureau of Land Management plans to go ahead with the sale of more
    than 350 million short tons of coal in the Wyoming Powder River Basin, despite
    objections and at least one planned lawsuit from environmental groups.

    The BLM will set a date for the lease sale at a later time, according to
    a notice to be published Friday in the Federal Register.

    The BLM is set to issue its record of decision for the 130-million-st
    Caballo West tract being sought by Peabody Energy, one week after releasing a
    decision for the 222-st Belle Ayr North lease applied for by Alpha Natural
    Resources. The two leases cover more than 2,700 acres south of Gillette, and
    would add to the life of Peabody’s Caballo and Alpha’s Belle Ayr mines.

    Read more at http://www.platts.com/RSSFeedDetailedNews.aspx?xmlpath=RSSFeed/HeadlineNews/Coal/6268464.xml

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  • Caballo West Lease by Application, Record of Decision, BLM 2010

    Campbell County, Wyoming WYW172657


    Gold Mine Draw, Alluvial Valley Floor – Environmental Assessment – 2006

    A lease exchange initiated by the Caballo Coal Company involving a potential exchange of lands between North Antelope Rochelle Mine, the Rawhide Mine, and, the Caballo Mine. WY-070-EA06-139.


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