Coal Diver Everything you wanted to know about coal, but were afraid to ask.


We try to make learning about coal mines as interesting as possible. To that end we currently have the following interactives on the website.

Coal Data

Coal Data is an interactive visualization tool to help you see where coal mining is happening in the United States and how production has changed over the years. It also aggregates information about the particular mines and regions, including proposed mines, news articles, original documents, photos and videos of the sites in questions, and contact information for the grassroots organizations operating in the areas in question.

Mining Heatmap

Mining Heatmap is a graphical viewer based on google maps to help you see hotspots in US mining and to see some of the remnants of the mines in satellite photos.

How Big Is It?

One problem in understanding coal mining is getting an intuitive understanding of the scale of mining operations. The How Big Is It? interactive application will help users better understand the scale of mining operations by asking them to estimate the size of things relative to things in the real world that they are familiar with.