Coal Diver Everything you wanted to know about coal, but were afraid to ask.

In this first example, there is a picture of a Toyota Prius and one of the large earth moving machines commonly used in surface coal mining. While the earth mover may look like an ordinary dump truck, it is certainly not the size of an ordinary dump truck.

The machine, a Liebherr T 282B weighs 200 tons empty and can hold 360 tons of coal in a single load. It is 48 feet long and 24 feet tall, has a wheelbase of 21 feet. It is powered by a 20 cylinder 3500 horsepower engine, and has a top speed of 40 mph.

So it's a big truck. But can you figure out how big? Drag the slider to try and change the size of the Prius so that the scale of the photos are the same. Once you think you have the answer, press the button to make your guess.

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