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Mines Meeting MSHA Potential Pattern of Violations Criteria
(for enforcement actions between September 1, 2009 and August 31, 2010) Reported Mine State Employment 118 453 170 33 89 118 227 113 49 36 34 52 59 76 AL IL KY KY KY KY MT NV TN TN WV WV WV WV

Mine ID

Mine Name National Cement Company Willow Lake Portal Mine #1

Mine Type

Mine Status


Controlling Company

Operator Name National Cement Co., of AL., Inc. Big Ridge Inc Freedom Energy Mining Company Middle Fork Mining Inc. Bledsoe Coal Corporation Left Fork Mining Co Inc Signal Peak Energy LLC Rodeo Creek Gold National Coal Corporation Wilcoal Mining, Inc. The New West Virginia Mining Company Performance Coal Company Rhino Eastern LLC Spartan Mining Co., Inc.

0100027 1103054 1507082

Facility M/NM Underground Coal Underground Coal Underground Coal Underground Coal Underground Coal Underground Coal Underground M/NM Underground Coal Underground Coal Underground Coal

Active Active Active Active Active Active Active Active Active Active Active Not Producing Active Active

St Clair Saline Pike Harlan Leslie Bell Musselshell Humboldt Campbell Claiborne

Vicat S A Peabody Energy Massey Energy Company Jon E Nix James River Coal Company Ben Bennett Global Mining Group LLC; Musselshel Resources LLC Great Basin Gold National Coal Corporation Wilma Wagner

1518516 KY No. 2 1519132 Abner Branch Rider 1512564* Straight Creek #1 Mine Bull Mountains Mine 2401950 No 1 2602535 Hollister Mine 4003272 Mine No. 14 4003333 Tri-State One 4609180 4608436*

Apache Mine

Mcdowell Brandy M Horvath Raleigh Raleigh Mingo Massey Energy Company Wexford Capital LLC Massey Energy Company

Upper Big Branch MineUnderground Coal South 4608758* Eagle #1 Underground Coal 4608808* Ruby Energy Underground Coal *Mine previously notified of potential Pattern of Violations + Actions postponed until accident investigation completed