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Montana Department of

P.O. Box 200901 Helena. MT 59620-0901

Brian Schweitzer, Governor
(406) 444-2544 •\.

July 29, 2011 Mr. AI Valencia 
 American Power Corporation 
 1400 16th Street, Ste 400 
 Denver, CO 80202 
 Permit 10: X2011335 
 Revision Type: N/A 
 Permitting Action: Approval 
 Subject: Approval; Permit Application X2011335 
 Dear AI: Department review of Amencan Power Corporation's application for Coal Prospecting Permit X20 I '335 is 
 complete. On June 27, 2011, the Department received American Power Corporation's application for Coal 
 Prospecting Permit X2011335. The Department reviewed the application and determined the application to be 
 administratively complete on July 11,20 II. The application was then noticed by American Power Corporation in 
 the Judith Basin Press for one week followed by a 10-day public comment period, which ended July 25,20 II. 
 The bond was received on July 28, 20 II for the prospecting activities in the amount of$62,556. , Enclosed for your files is a copy of Prospecting Permit No. X20 11335. Please be aware that a copy ofthis permit must be In the possession of anyone engaging in prospecting activity. A monthly report must be filed with the Department for any month where prospecting activity takes place. A copy 
 of the monthly report fonn is enclosed. 
 The renewal date of the permit is July 29, 2012. Should you wish to keep your permit active, a renewal application 
 must be submined to the Depanmenl no eariier lhan February 29, 20 i 2 (j 50 Jays prior to t:xpiralion), or no ialer 
 than March 30,2012 (\20 days prior to expiration). 


If you have any questions regarding this please contact me.

Chris A. Yd, upervisor 
 Coal and Ur ium Program 
 Industrial'and Energy Mmerals Bureau 
 Ph: 406 444.4967 
 Fax: 406 444.4988 
 E-mail: cyde@mLgov 
 Cc: Jeff Fleischman. Office of Surface Mlnmg 
 Gene Hay, Office of Surface Mining 
 Prospecting #X20 11335 

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Enforcement Division • Permitting & Compliance Division • Planning, Prevention & Assistance Division • Remedialion Division

 STATE OF MONTANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY PO Box 200901 Helena, Montana 59620-0901 Phone (406)444:4970 PROSPECTING PERMIT NO. X2011335 Pursuant to Title 82, Chapter 4, Part 2, MCA

American Power Corp9,~ion 1400 16th Street, SteA00 Denver, CO 8020,fI,<

Name and Address of OP1ra,o


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Renewal Date: July 29,2012 This permit is valid for 1 year and is subject to renewal, suspension or revocation as deemed necessary by the Department.

Chief, Industrial and Energy Minerals Bureau Departmentpf E:ronmental Quality Date: II