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The Texas region contains bituminous, sub bituminous and lignite reserves.  Of these, lignite reserves are by far the most important, and are located it two bands roughly from the north east corner of Texas (and into Louisiana) through to Nuevo Laredo and San Antonio and the Mexican border.  The major lignite mines currently in production lie northeast of Austin, the major coal mines are near the Mexican border.

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31 cars of coal train derail

November 28, 2010

Thirty one cars of a coal train has derailed near Pueblo, Colorado, ripping apart rail cars, scattering coal over more than a mile of tracks, and shutting down the train line for more than a day. A BNSF representative said that there were no injuries, no hazardous materials involved and it was far too early to comment on the cause of the accident.

The train was moving coal from Wyoming to Texas.

Read article at http://www.chieftain.com/news/local/article_a04241f2-fab2-11df-8950-001cc4c03286.html

MSHA Internal Audits, Region 9, 2010

Reports from MSHA Office of Accountability reviews of MSHA inspectors in region 9.


Texas Coal Mining Locations, July 2010

A map detailing coal and lignite deposits and mines, published by the Texas Railroad Commission, July 2010.

Texas Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Projects, 2002

A summary of the Texas Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Projects, published in November 2002 by the Texas Railroad Commission, Surface Mining and Reclamation Division.


OSMRE Coal Mining Summary for Texas, 1997

A summary of coal mining in the state of Texas provided by OSMRE in 1997.

http://coaldiver.org /documents/osmre-coal-mining-summary-for-texas-1997