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The Mississippi region as designated by the USGS refers to coal mines in Arkansas and Mississippi.  In 2008, the Red Hills Mine in Mississippi was the only mine with significant production.

Mississippi produced 2.8 million tons of coal in 2008, ranking it 19th in the nation in production (0.24% of national production). Red Hills has been the only coal mine in Mississippi for more than a decade.

Arkansas had the lowest production of any coal mining state in the USA, producing only 0.1 million tons in 2008 (0.01% of national production).  Because of the geology of the coal deposits, beds are thin, some only two feet in thickness (by comparison, some beds in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming can be more than 100 feet thick). Production in the state peaked in 1907 at 2.67 million short tons, but declined as production of oil and natural gas increased, and dropped quickly after World War II.

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Cleanup Continues of Derailed Coal Train

July 7, 2011

A Kansas City Southern coal train has derailed near Ashdown in Little River County, Arkansas. A total of 33 coal cars left the track, some coming perilously close to cars on nearby roads. “I saw coal cars flying and a big cloud of black coal smoke,” said one witness to the derailment. “There was a lady in a car at the crossing and she saw the train beginning to shake and she backed away in a hurry and fortunately she got away from it,” says Don Hale, with Little River Emergency Management office, but another driver had minor injuries after getting hit in the face by flying coal.

Officials from Kansas City Southern are still looking into the cause of the accident. Last year Kansas City Southern had another train derail just five miles from the site. No one was hurt in that accident.

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Alabama and Mississippi – Resource Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement – 2008

A unified RMP and FEIS for all federally administered public surface lands and mineral rights for AL and MS which tries to move the management of lands into a unified plan instead of the previous “consider each project in isolation” plan.